With the current pandemic situation, many have had to change their work environment and have been forced to work from home. This change could be temporary or permanent as it is uncertain whether companies will slowly shift towards a more online and from-home dynamic. Even though working from home may sound comfortable and simple, it is easy to fall into a cycle of low productivity and efficiency when you don’t have a physical authority looking over your shoulder all the time. To avoid falling into distractions, you must define your work space and make sure it is a professional one. The combination of a practical desk and environment are the perfect solution to these problems. When working from home, you will be making phone calls, conferences and video class, and if you do not live alone, you will most likely be interrupted. You could risk being perceived as unprofessional by your coworkers and employers if you are working from 

your TV room, kitchen or if your house is messy. This has a simple solution: change your background within your work space so that it looks tidy, professional and non distracting. To achieve this change, you can recur to options like Expand’s portable walls, which allow you to choose what your visual background will be during video calls, or to separate your work space from the rest of your home. You could choose a blank background to focus more, or a virtual office background, or any custom design. Once you have determined the surroundings, you should make sure you have a desk where you can connect to the internet, make calls, take notes and carry out your tasks. Many times we don’t have a lot of extra space at home and we don’t have a spare room to work from, so a desk that you can build and unbuild easily, could be the best option. Qualton offers the Quick Desk solution which can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, and can then be put away taking up very little space when not in use. Having a defined desk to sit at and work from will keep you in a productive mentality and focused. You will also look more stable and serious during phone calls and video conferences with clients and coworkers. If you decide to work from home or don’t really have much of a choice due to the current crisis, it is important to be able to adapt and not become inefficient. INvesting in products that will help you work better, will eventually give you more professional and economic benefits in the long run; hence you will be more successful in what you set your mind to do from home.