Separate home and work. When working from home, it’s important to create a clear distinction between home and workspace. This is especially important if you are planning to interact with co-workers or clients. If you are working from a laid back position in a couch or bed, you probably won’t feel very productive. Creating a workspace will keep you feeling professional and productive, as you would in a normal office. First, you must identify the best location for your office at home. If you have an unused guest room or a space room, these are good options. Creating a good home office will help maintain your privacy and ensure you will not get distracted. 

Use what is available. If your space is small, use it efficiently. An unorganized space is not enjoyable and you could feel trapped physically and mentally. While everyone has their own way or working, some prefer a bit of a mess and others prefer extensive organization. MAximize your space by investing in organization tools. You must have a place to store paper, writing tools, computer and any material you will be using. 

Other important factors when setting up your home office are a good desk, chair and surrounding. If you are going to be sitting for long periods of time, you should feel comfortable and have a desk that allows good posture and organization. COlors and sounds are also important in creating productivity. It’s a good idea to create a closed area that feels professional, with visuals that make it feel like an office and music or 

sounds that help you concentrate. You may incorporate these factors with solutions like the ones ualton provides, such as the Expand home office option that can change your background, or investing in a good chair that gives a correct posture. It is preferable to have natural light to keep productive and not get sleepy. A well thought-out home office will make you feel happy and efficient, and the best part is that it shouldn’t take very long to create.