Outdoor advertising for car dealerships can have a very important role in marketing strategies for certain brands. Not only does this increase sales or offers, but it is also a very versatile tool when considering the possibility of combining traditional advertising with technology. The presence of online publicity does not discredit outdoor publicity, since people will continue leaving home, and being exposed to billboards and such. 

Traditional advertising has made changes towards the digital age. With technology, car 

dealerships no longer have to keep a single ad constantly. Digital displays allow for changing messages and images, at any time. The message shown to the audience can change daily according to special offers, for example. The possibility of showing various ads simultaneously also exists. These characteristics give more sense to the investment cost, as a single display can be used many times, even throughout different campaigns. 

The adaptability of traditional publicity helps schedule marketing campaigns perfectly.  You are able to promote sales and offers on relevant dates throughout the year. You can highlight products when sales are low and push inventory to make space for upcoming cars. Make the best of holidays: 

-A special banner for the end of the year 

-New cars that have just arrived at the dealership 

-Cars that can be leased during summer for vacationing 

– A special valentine’s day display. 

It’s important to work with publicity experts like Qualton, in order to choose the products you purchase correctly, considering the space you have available, and the best design for your ad. This will all depend on how often you will want to change the image and the environment in which it will be placed. 

Many car dealerships have started using flags, but what’s important to note is that quality is very relevant. DEspite your competition having multiple flags outside their dealership, you can easily stand out by having a better quality, larger, and more stable display. In the end, they will actually spend more on repairs due to purchasing a low quality ad.